Mission Statement


As a well-established, Australian owned facility service provider, White Spot Group is determined to provide the maximum benefit to its customers, employees and Australian public through three pillars of principles – Integrity,  Responsibility and Caring.

After years of efforts building up the reputation within the industry, we have realized there is a need for a more comprehensive and professional facility service for commercial sector and devoted ourselves functioning in a manner which will preserve the dignity and well-being of our clients.We represent a close relationship and partnership with our stakeholders to create a win-win situation.

White Spot Group is committed to providing the highest quality commercial facility service by creating superior service beyond the expectations of our clients as well as any visitors to their premises or facilities.

Our Vision

We are constantly working to establish and maintain our professional image through a series of continuous improvements and a solid relationship based on trust with our key stakeholders.


Our Values

  • Integrity – To act with honesty, openness, and keep our promises.
  • Responsibility – To act with integrity towards our clients, staff, community and environment with enthusiasm providing viable solutions.
  • Caring – To deliver a duty of care for our clients



  • To demonstrate reliability and capability to become a strong and solid facility support service provider.
  • To provide superior services to meet the highest standards of quality and safety.
  • To keep on track with customer satisfaction at any stage of service completed.
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