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5 Ways a clean workspace boosts productivity

The cleanliness of an employees’ workplace greatly influences their productivity, performance and well-being. Studies have shown employees approach a job in a more positive way if they are happy to come to the office and the workspace makes them feel healthy and able to perform at their best. Conversely, an untidy and unclean workspace, whether full of dust, dirty carpets, unclean bathrooms, or unsightly kitchens, can set the tone for an unhealthy and unproductive environment. Furthermore, unclean surfaces can be unhygienic and promote cross-contamination of colds, flu, illnesses, which spread through the organisation. An unclean workspace has an impact on employees’ absenteeism, which leads to a loss of productivity, hampering of project schedules, a decrease in company morale, loss of profit, and so on!   The five top benefits of a clean workspace are:

Increased Focus – in a clean working environment, staff are less likely to be distracted by clutter and mess. This results in increased levels of concentration and focus leading to more and better work being done.

Decreased stress – people who work in cluttered messy, unclean environments often have unrecognised stress and often feel overwhelmed and out of control.  Clean tidy spaces can help reduce this type of underlying stress, and thus contribute to improved productivity.

Reduced Absenteeism and sick leave – a clean work environment improves employees’ sense of well-being and health. Germs, bacteria and disease thrive in an unclean, unhygienic environment, promoting cross-contamination of colds, flu and illness.

Improved morale – Employees in a clean working environment are naturally likely to be happier than those in unclean, untidy environments, and employees who are happy in their workspace get more done and are more motivated to achieve.  Many studies have shown, employee morale is an important indicator for the success of an organisation!

Enhanced Company Image – A clean and tidy office reflects the image of your business.  You attract the right people with a welcoming and well-maintained office space. How your office presents helps make the right impression for external visitors, clients and customers.  Company image matters!

A clean and hygienic workplace can contribute to the well-being of your employees, boost productivity and your bottom line.  At White Spot Group we understand that cleaning requires attention to detail and continuous quality assurance controls.  At White Spot Group our cleaning staff are trained to deliver and maintain a high standard of clean for your premises, so that you and your staff can get on with your core business operations.  Call us now for a free on-site consultation.

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