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Childcare Cleaning – It is children’s right to make a mess

Childcare cleaning

It is children’s right to make a mess, and it is our responsibility to keep germs away.

As per ‘Goodstart’1, messy play is an important part of children’s development. It allow children to discover and sense the world quickly, build confidence and develop brain function and multiple skills. It is their right to make a mess. It is our responsibility to keep the environment safe and hygiene, as parents, as service providers and as cleaning professionals.

Why it is critical to have a clean and virus free childcare?

Clean Childcare
  1. Safety is always the top priority for all the childcare service provider. And it is always the top priority for all the parents when value the service provider.
  2. In childcare industry, good hygiene is always the focus of all the regulators. Clean and hygiene takes major part of all the assessments.
  3. To have a professional cleaning partner will be the most cost effective way to maintain the health and safety in your center.
  4. In the post pandemic world, to maintain high stand cleaning environment will minimize the risk of any operational disruption from the virus.
  5. Have a clean environment will help control the allergy in the center, and help improve the overall wellbeing of our children.

Key Areas for childcare cleaning

MidCentral Health NZ2 Suggested every childcare center to have regular cleaning scheduled to keep high standard hygiene, and had suggested to have extra focus on some key areas.

nappy change room 1 - WSG

Nappy Chang Room: Although the educator will try their best to maintain high cleaning standard in the center, it is always good to have a specialist team to have a routine clean for nappy change room. Just to make sure all the contamination are removed from the area in timely manner.

Childcare toilet

Play Area: The area kids spend most of the time during the day. They share everything, as well as virus, therefore it is important to apply the right chemical to remove the dirt and germ, as well as ensure the safety.

Carpet: The place all the germs hide, and the place caused most of the allergy. To have a regular carpet steam cleaning and shampoo cleaning done will help control the virus and allergy causing factors in your center. Normally, the best time to book it will be during Christmas and New year, which will have limited disruption to your daily operation. Book your Steam Carpet Cleaning in advance, and make sure you get the service done at the time you preferred.

Hard Floor: Mope and vacuum will maintain the basic hygiene of hard floor. A professional hard floor scrubbing will remove the tough dirt, extend the lifespan and improve the overall condition.

Sanitizing: Live in Pandemic world, disinfect and sanitizing turns to be a new normal. You need a professional, experienced, and certified team to get the job done properly.

Childcare sanitising

Why White Spot Group?

* White Spot Group holds triple ISO accreditation.

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. We perform the work at always high quality.
  • ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety management System. We look after our client and our people.
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management systems.

* We recruit and maintain the best. All our staff are well trained and very experienced in childcare cleaning. All of our cleaning professionals have updated police check, right to work with child and fully vaccinated.

* Response Time. We treat our customer’s request seriously, therefore we have guaranteed 30 mins turn around time.

* Complimentary impact clean. We offer complimentary impact clean for all our regular customer, just a little thank you for our valuable customers. 

* Customer Oriented. We work on your budget and your schedule.

* We tailor our service to suit your budget. Give us a call today and see how we can help you.

* Professional machinery to have best result for your premises.  

* Eco Friendly Chemicals. MSDSs and Eco Friendly chemicals, be right to the job, and be right to the little ones and environment.

* Reporting. We have QR code rostering system to monitor the attendance. We provide auditing report for all our customers. 

Let us take care of your cleaning, so you can take care of your business.

White Spot Group has served childcare centers and early learning centers for decades. We provide premium services with affordable price to our valuable customers. We understand the importance of your needs and budget, give our friendly sales team a call to discuss how we can help. Call today at 1300 797 632 for an obligation free quote.


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  2. Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidelines for Early Childhood Education Centres, MidCentral Health, https://www.midcentraldhb.govt.nz/HealthServices/PublicHealth/healthprotection/Documents/Cleaning%20Guidelines%20-%20MCH%202010.pdf

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