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Digital Transformation of the cleaning industry – Smart Phone technology improves service delivery!

Traditionally the cleaning industry has been a people-driven business, so the idea of digital transformation may seem odd.  In fact, there are many reasons why commercial cleaning companies should embrace digital technology, not the least of which is streamlining administration and providing real-time data for clients. A new digital platform developed by technology company, Fresh Ops Pty Ltd, uses a Smart Phone App with QR-Code to manage and monitor cleaning tasks bringing the cleaning industry into the digital age.

White Spot Group and Fresh Ops

White Spot Group has partnered with Fresh Ops to implement this new technology for all its clients to manage task lists, monitor cleaning staff performance and facilitate reporting.  The new technology digitises and streamlines internal procedures as well as providing real-time monitoring, such as staff check-in and check-out, to enable us to monitor on-site performance.  This results in improved efficiency and accurate record keeping – all cost saving measures which can help reduce operation costs and result in cost savings which are passed on to our clients.  The system also provides option for special extra and one-off tasks to be added to the task list to improve communication and efficiency. Moving to a digital platform can also bring added safety and hygiene to industries such as Medical Centres and Aged Care facilities where there is a need for thorough and regular cleaning checks to maintain correct safety and comfort standards. Facilities which require regular documented room cleans, using a digital platform can highlight places which are accidentally missed, or not as it should be.

Now with the capability to track staff and monitor task completion, there is greater transparency in the industry.  At White Spot Group we are always searching for new innovations to improve our service delivery and pass cost savings on to our clients.  Call us now for a free site-visit and consultation.

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