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Some control measures to help protect employees and customers from exposure in the workplace

The Commonwealth Department of Health has advised that the Covid-19 virus and other respiratory based infections are spread through respiratory droplets from coughing and sneezing.  And that it may be possible to transmit the infection by touching a contaminated surface or object and then touching one’s nose or mouth. 

Aside from taking precautions such as washing hands regularly, shielding coughs and sneezes and staying at home if unwell, there are some additional basic infection prevention measures that can be taken to ensure the workplace is hygienically clean.  These include regular cleaning and disinfecting of common areas, and touch surfaces using bacteria resistant cleaning agents.  Stepping up the frequency of cleaning and focussing on high traffic areas and hand-touch surfaces can help to control the risk of spread of respiratory disease.

White Spot Group has implemented risk management plans risk management plans to ensure continuity of our high service level standards to our clients. This includes:

  • Implementing awareness programs with all our workers with a focus on good personal hygiene practices.
  • Providing all employees with PPE equipment including gloves and masks
  • Providing anti-bacterial cleaning products
  • Maintaining equipment and cleaning materials and appropriate disposal of waste materials

With crews available 24/7 White Spot Group are able to provide additional services to our clients in these high-risk times.  Increasing the frequency of cleaning, and focussing on specific tasks, such as cleaning door-knobs, hand-rails, work stations, counter-tops, phones etc can assist in preventing the spread of respiratory disease.  Deep cleaning of high traffic, and common areas is also available. 

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes have also been recommended to help minimise the spread of infection and should be distributed throughout the workplace.  White Spot Group is able to assist with the supply of hand sanitisers and other consumable supplies which may be required.

Implementing preventative measures helps to reduce the impact of the disease and minimise severity.  Protective measures include:

  • Don’t panic – just use good hygiene practices and keep surfaces clean
  • Regular hand washing – don’t touch the face
  • Install hand sanitising dispensers in high traffic areas, toilets and kitchens
  • Avoid shaking hands entirely to reduce the risk of spreading infection – though that might be awkward at times, it’s an increasingly common practice.
  • Stay at home if sick

To assist you to assure the continuity of your organisation’s business operations, please contact us for a consultation regarding our additional cleaning services.

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