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    Childcare Cleaning Sydney Services

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    White Spot Group specialises in childcare centre cleaning in Sydney.  Our staff are full trained and knowledgeable about all aspects of childcare cleaning to ensure the environment is clean, safe, and healthy.

    Cleaning in childcare centres is vitally important as germs and illness are easily spread amongst children and staff.  This can result in unhappy parents and a reflect poorly on your business.

    Regular cleaning and disinfecting of all items and surfaces in childcare centres is crucial.  At White Spot Group we use quality hospital grade cleaning products that are safe for children and for the environment.

    Our staff are fully trained, consistent, and reliable. Childcare centre requires special attention to all areas where children play, eat and sleep. We understand the importance of thorough cleaning of washrooms, meal preparation and eating areas, sleeping areas, toys, and internal and external play areas.
    All high touch surfaces must be regularly cleaned including walls, tables, chairs, cabinets, benches, floors, carpets, mats, and rugs. Toys and play equipment must also be regularly cleaned to avoid the spread of germs. Sleeping areas, cots, mattresses, must be disinfected and linen must be laundered.
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    childcare cleaning sydney
    childcare cleaning sydney - WSG
    Our systematic cleaning procedures for childcare centre cleaning in Sydney have been developed to ensure cleaning methods and protocols are followed to ensure premises are completely clean and safe for children and staff. Our cleaning staff check-in using QR Code technology to monitor staff performance and provide detailed daily task lists for each childcare centre.
    For all childcare centre cleaning in Sydney our professionally trained staff can clean all areas efficiently and thoroughly saving your business time and money. Childcare cleaning must be done routinely to reduce build up of dust and dirt which can harbour germs and to remove spills and bodily fluids that often occur when caring for children. White Spot Group’s professional cleaning staff are trained and experienced in proper cleaning methods and can perform cleaning tasks much more quickly and efficiently. Our staff use the best and safest cleaning products and have proper PPE to do the job safely.
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    If you are searching for high quality childcare cleaning in Sydney contact our friendly team for an obligation free site visit and quotation. We work closely with our client to develop cleaning packages to suit your business needs and your budget. No job is too big or too small.
    Our uniformed staff can be scheduled to clean your childcare premises after hours or work in with your schedule to provide the best service for your needs. We have fully trained childcare centre cleaning crews available 24/7. Call us now on 1300 797 632
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    childcare cleaning sydney
    fast cleaning service in Sydney

    Why White Spot Group for Childcare Cleaning in Sydney?

    Maintaining high standards of childcare centre cleaning in Sydney is not easy, especially if childcare centre staff are busy and focussed on the primary care of children. Engaging a professional childcare centre cleaner in Sydney is an investment in your business. At White Spot Group we know that the success of our business depends on the success of our clients’ business. We put our clients’ need as our highest priority, working with our customers to ensure 100% satisfaction.
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    We understand that our clients’ primary focus is the day-to-day operation of their business. At White Spot Group our primary aim is to deliver a clean and safe workspace so you can get on with your core business.

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      Customer focused

      Customer service is our number 1 priority. We believe communication and being responsive to client’s needs builds strong lasting partnerships and superior outcomes.

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      Quality matters

      Our quality assurance systems monitor and track performance for effective improvement over time. These systems are embedded within our daily tasks and evaluation processes.

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      Accountability and responsibility flow from the top down. We invest in our employees through proper training and expect the best contribution and highest ethical behaviour.

    Our Happy Clients

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    ''Fantastic Job. The Centre staff would also like to pass on their thanks for the general presentation of the Centre after the cleaner has been. They are very impressed with how thorough the cleaner is. Please Keep it up!''
    YMCA Holt Learning Centre Michelle
    ''Before White Spot Group took over to clean our building, our committee was very disappointed with our previous cleaning company. He inspected the whole building and gave us a consultation on improving the quality along with saving some budget. Now, the place looks amazing and we all are very happy the way in which White Spot Group is maintaining the building. Thank you''
    Somerville Strata Management
    ''Thank you again everyone is very happy with all three branches so that is great news. It's nice to have a cleaner that is working well for us and doing a thorough job each time. Appreciate your professional approach it's a nice change.''
    “White Spot Group and his team have been supremely accommodating, working around the ever-changing schedule we provide. The cleaning is done immaculately and efficiently every week without fail. What I found to be extremely helpful was the lack of delegation or instruction needed from myself, once shown the building and what needed to be done the cleaning team get straight to it without supervision or constant reminders. I am very impressed and grateful that I found the team at White Spot Group”
    ''On behalf of our team, we would just like to thank you and your staff for their tremendous and tireless effort over the last few months. We really appreciate you putting up with our mess to clean every day, especially with this new renovation. A big thanks from all of us.''
    ''We want to thank you for doing an exceptional job at cleaning the weekend that just passed. My Director was very impressed with the work done this weekend. Please keep up the good work.''
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    We provide free consultation and quotation. You can also reach us directly at 1300 797 632.