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How to Choose a Cleaning Company

White Spot Group offers wide range of cleaning services, from commercial office cleaning to childcare and kindergarten cleaning, from regular cleaning to periodic cleaning, from carpet cleaning to floor strip & seal. White Spot Group can cope with all your cleaning and sanitizing demand. If you want to challenge current cleaning spend, give us a call (1300 797 632) today and see how we can optimize your cleaning budget; if you are looking for a cleaning partner for your new site, give our friendly sales specialist a call (1300 797 632) for some free cleaning advice.

Highest value

Highest value in cleaning
How to choose a cleaning company

When compare the offers, assess the overall performance, not just the dollar value. The criteria generally include,

  • Quality of Service
  • Pricing
  • Plan Delivery
  • Industry Experience
  • Customer Service
  • Health & Safety Plan


Capability of cleaning company
Capability measurement of cleaning company

Before making a decision, you may want to assess the capability of the cleaning company, such as

  • how many years the company has been operating?
  • the size of the cleaning team.
  • are they sole trader or a commercial company?
  • Is the company insured?
  • do they have correct ISO certificate?
  • Apart from regular cleaning, can the company also perform sanitizing, periodic carpet cleaning or hard floor strip & seal. To have a company capable for all your cleaning demand will save you time on frequent researching and procurement process.
  • Does the company also offer gardening and ground maintenance service. To select one service provider for your cleaning and gardening service will potentially increase your bargaining power, and get you the best offer.
  • what equipment they will use in your facility?
  • what chemical will be applied? Are they safe for children and environment?
  • does the company have previous experience in similar segment?

The capability of the company will sustain the job offering, satisfaction, and your overall experience.


Experience in cleaning industry
importance of experience in cleaning

It is important to select a cleaning partner with good experience in your industry. When you select a cleaning partner, you rely on the company or individual to apply the right chemical and run the right equipment to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene on your facility.

Customer Service

Customer service in cleaning company
Importance of Customer service in cleaning company

At end of the day, it is all about customer service.

  • 2 am Saturday morning, the security alarm is on, you want to quickly check if the cleaner trigger the alarm and be able to turn it off, rather than drive an hour to the site.
  • Is your cleaning service provider never available nor reachable?
  • Is your cleaning service provider never able to make the invoice number right?
  • Does it take forever for your cleaning company to provide a carpet cleaning quote?

It is very critical for your cleaning company to have good customer service skill and standby supporting team. However, it is also very difficult to have a cleaning company who will be able to offer a decent customer service. With White Spot Group, you will have a dedicated account manager, operation manager to overlook your site and answer your question; we also offer guaranteed response time for any emergency cleaning requirement. With White Spot group, you know you will have a good customer experience. Give us a call (1300 797 632) today and experience the difference.

Health & Safety

health and safety in cleaning industry
importance of health and safety in cleaning industry

Every cleaning company should have a health and safety plan, for the cleaners, for the cleaning site, also for public. If your premises is a public facing venue, enforcing health and safety for all your service providers will be the key to sustain a safety environment, and retain the level of your insurance premises. Health and Safety is about to apply the right chemical, use the right equipment, and raise and aware safety hazard if any.

Apart from above, the preliminary checklist for a cleaning service provider should include:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Workers Compensation insurance
  • Proper PPE
  • MSDS for chemicals
  • Tag and check for all the electricals
  • Right to work with children (if apply to your industry)
  • ISO certificate

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