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COVID 19 has highlights the importance of good clean and hygiene, especially in public facilities, commercial buildings and intense workplace. Living in the pandemic and post pandemic world, we start to learn how to live with virus. It is almost impossible to avoid contacting virus in short time, therefore it is very critical to prevent the spreading and have a comprehensive strategy to protect the staff and eliminate the disruption to your operation.

sanitising and disinfecting

There are two types of sanitizing and disinfecting cleaning you can consider to implement into your post pandemic health and safety strategy, preventative activities and actions taken for infections.

Preventative Activities

At workplace, encourage your team to wear mask will reduce the chance of virus spreading. Periodically clean and maintain air conditioning will help with health air flow and reduce cross infection at the workplace. Promote good hygiene at workplace, by setting up disinfection hand wash and sanitizing station (if you need disinfecting supplies, feel free to give us a call to discuss what we can offer at 1300 797 632. We offer full range of cleaning and disinfecting supplies.)  Regular cleaning and disinfecting high touch area will help maintain a healthy work environment and prevent from virus spreading.

Actions taken for infections

To follow order from health department, immediately isolate and testing are required when anyone or workplace expose to COVID.  Then you may consider to disinfect the workplace, to ensure no virus retained at workplace. When choose cleaning partners, make sure it is qualified professional companies, who apply the right chemical and utilize the right equipment, also well equipped by PPE. After completion of the service, ask the certification, then you can get back to business. 

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Why choose White Spot Group

  • Triple ISO Accredited for quality, safety and environment
  • Experienced, and well trained staff
  • Professional equipment, we use fogger machine to evenly spread the chemicals, even to the place difficult to reach and easy to forget
  • TGA approved chemicals, tough to virus but gentle to the staff
  •  We issue certification with completion to help you get back to operation effectively
  • Quick response time. We have guaranteed 30 mins response time for all our sanitizing and disinfecting queries.
  • We offer high value services.

White Spot Group is a professional cleaning company, serving Sydney for decade. We are proud of our quality services and we listen to the need of our customers. Give our friendly sales team a call today and see what we can assist you, at 1300 797 632.

We provide all sorts of commercial cleaning services to our valuable customers, including but not limited to

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The clients we are serving are from various industry segments, such as

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Childcares and Schools
  • Strata Buildings
  • Construction Sites
  • Medical and Clinical
  • Food Industry
  • Government
  • Wellbeing and Healthcare
  • Retails and Shopping Centers

To partner with White Spot Group, you know your cleaning and hygiene is at safe hand. Let us take care of your cleaning, so you can take care of your business.

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