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What to Look for when choosing a commercial cleaning company

When choosing a new commercial cleaning supplier, it is important you find a company that invests time in understanding the purpose of your business, your work-processes, and is able to customise services to meet the needs of your organisation.  A good supplier should be flexible enough to adjust their services as your needs change, provide add-on services when required, and respond quickly to unexpected incidents. 

While it’s important to choose a company that provides services to suit your budget, be wary of cleaning suppliers who price seems “too good to be true”.  Companies advertising ‘cheap prices’ may not be insured and pay their employees less than minimum wage. You will be embarking on a bumpy ride with these contractors as they will send cleaners who have little regard for your property, are likely to be unreliable, untrained, not vetted and low on motivation. Quality cleaning services take time, so in the long run you will be better off with a supplier who ticks all the boxes and delivers a quality outcome for a competitive and value for money price.

Starting up a new commercial cleaning contract can be a difficult process and may disrupt ‘business as usual’.  If, however, to take steps to find a partner that dedicates time to understand your business, the needs of your staff, and visitors, and your ways of working, then the transition can be a smooth one and lead to a long lasting win/win relationship.  At White Spot Group we pride ourselves on understanding the specific needs of your workplace and providing the best services at a value for money price.  Call us now for a site visit and free quotation.

Make the best choice for your organisation and download this infographic with Top Tips for choosing a new commercial cleaner.

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