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Gym| Aquatic and Leisure Centre Cleaning

Gym| Aquatic and Leisure Centre Cleaning can be challenging for business owner and for cleaning professionals. White Spot Group is a reputable commercial cleaning company, with triple ISO accredited cleaning company. We have extensive experience in Gym| Aquatic and Leisure Centre Cleaning. White Spot Group provide high quality service in competitive price.

Operate a gym, aquatic and leisure centre could be fine and existed. However, most of the owners find it difficult to handle the cleaning task. It is a common question for owner, do I organise an in-house cleaner or do I have it outsources?

Should I outsource cleaning task for Gym| Aquatic and Leisure Centre?


  • Let us take care of your cleaning, so you can take care of your business. To outsource cleaning task can free-up your time, therefore you can focus more on where your passion is. This will help you focus on your business and grow it faster.
  • Cost effective. Leave the task to the professionals will be cost effective and time saving for business owners.
  • Cost Saving. By outsourcing the cleaning task, you no longer have the cleaning staff on your payroll. This will generate immediate saving on payroll tax, workers compensation, business insurance and so on.
  • Reliability. Always it is not easy to handle recruitment. It is a challenge to find the right one, and it is not easy to keep your favourite cleaner. In addition, it is always difficult to get casual or temp immediately to cover staff on leave. To outsource cleaning task meaning you do not have the headache. 
  • Staff retention and satisfaction. Some small centre may build the cleaning task as part of the job description for admin staff or even trainer, which makes perfect sense for operation and budgeting. However, for long run, it will affect the staff satisfaction and further cause damage to customer relationship and operation.
Aquatic center cleaning

Tasks to be covered in cleaning contract

  • Daily general cleaning
  • Toilet cleaning
  • Dusting, sweeping and vacuum cleaning
  • Polished floor surface
  • Window and glass cleaning

×     pool cleaning will require different license and insurance. It is better to keep it out of the cleaning scope.

Gym, Aquatic and Leisure Centre cleaning schedule

Daytime Cleaner: responsible for litter picking, maintenance of toilet and washroom
General Cleaning: schedule for after hours, or off the peak hours.
Periodic Cleaning: scheduled for monthly or quarterly for window cleaning, flooring etc.

Gym cleaning

Gym| Aquatic and Leisure Centre cleaning checklist

Rubbish Removal and litter pickingx   
Bin managementx   
Vacuum carpetx   
Sweep floorx   
Clean glassx   
Hose pool decksx   
Clean and disinfect toile, basinx   
Scrub and wash tiled walls, floors, and doors in all changeroomsx   
Wipe and dry benches at rest areax   
Restock consumablesx   
Dusting for all the furniture and fittings x  
Clean high windows and external  x 
Pressure wash stairs and floors   x
Steam Cleaning of carpeted areas   x

How do I choose the right cleaning partner for your centre?

  • Generally speaking, a sole trader charges less than the quote from a cleaning company. However, a cleaning company will have larger labour pool, which will be more reliable for instance when there is labour shortage crisis in market.
  • Make sure you check the CoC of insurance before you sign the agreement.It will give you protection and peace of mind.
  • Quality of the service. ISO 9001:2015 is the certificate of registration for quality management system.
  • SDS for chemicals. The cleaning company/contractor should be able to provide SDS (safety data sheet) for all chemicals as request. As gym, Aquatic and Leisure Centre is customer facing business, to have the right chemicals is very important.
  • Health and Safety. For any direct customer facing business, health and safety is always a critical element. ISO 45001:2018 is the certification for safety management system. 
leisure center cleaning

Why White Spot Group?

  • We have expensive experience in Gym| Aquatic and Leisure Centre Cleaning.
  • Triple ISO accreditation –  ISO 9001:2015 quality management, ISO 45001:2018 safety management system and ISO 14001:2015 for environment management system.
  • Professional crew. White Spot Group has been providing high quality cleaning services to Australian for decades. All our cleaners are competent and well trained.
  • Professional equipment. To get the job done in the most effective manner.
  • Access to large labour pool. We will place the right people to the right task. For any personnel disruption, we have back-up team ready, to minimize the impact to your operation.
  • We provide SDS for all the chemicals on request.
  • Guaranteed responsive time.
  • Periodic inspection and site visit.
  • Dedicated customer service and account team.
  • Complete cleaning solution under one roof. We also provide professional industry cleaning services.
    • Carpet Steam Cleaning Services
    • High Pressure cleaning for External Areas
    • Waste management
    • Hard Floor Strip and Seal Services
    • Washroom and hygiene services
    • Plastic Strips

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