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Hand Dryers Vs Paper Towels

Choosing the most effective method of hand drying for washroom facilities can be difficult. There are several factors to consider. With mechanical hand dryers, the upfront cost can be expensive and ongoing running costs and maintenance must be considered. With paper towel dispensers, the upfront costs are low, but cost of consumables, refilling and waste management needs to be taken into account.

Electric hand dryers are often cited as being a safe, hygienic, touchless solution. They are promoted as an effective way to achieve completely dry hands for proper hand hygiene and a defence against the spread of germs. In public restrooms, touchless hand-washing fixtures including hand dryers are considered the most effective and safest option. There is a growing demand for contactless fixtures as the need for hygiene and user safety continues to be a priority for all businesses.

However, there have been concerns raised about the hand dryers in terms of effectiveness, safety, and sustainability. Lower quality models of hand dryers and those with less powerful motors do not dry hands quickly or effectively, impacting the level of hygiene and the potential to spread germs. Many cheaper models of hand dryers blow air outwards, thus recirculating particulates and droplets into the room and spreading germs into the atmosphere. There has also been concerns raised about the sustainability of manufacturing of cheaper quality brands of hand dryers, resulting in high energy use and ongoing cost to the environment.

In contrast, many consumers consider paper towels to be the best and most effective option for drying hands thoroughly. However, paper towels have many downsides and practical and environmental costs. Keeping paper towels well stocked means investing in staff time along with the cost of the towels and the cost of waste removal. Installing lockable dispensers, to prevent theft can also be an issue in public restrooms. And managing build up waste and keeping the area clean and hygienic involves constant staff supervision. The environmental cost of paper towels is significant even when recycled paper is used. Considering the astronomic amount of paper towel produced globally, it represents a huge impact on the environment.

There are many misconceptions about both options and there are pros and cons for each.

When choosing the electronic hand dryers, it is important to review comparative performance. Invest in high quality brands that have been manufactured using industry approved environmentally sustainable processes and have lower energy consumption ratings.  Higher quality models are also equipped with a HEPA filtration systems to reduce germs being released into the atmosphere.  Choose hand dryers where the hands are inserted from above for maximum effectiveness and excess moisture is drawn into the machine and not recirculated into the atmosphere.

If paper towels are your preferred method, make sure they are regularly monitored, paper supplies well stocked and the area well maintained and frequently cleaned. Consider investing in an automatic paper dispenser for contactless dispensing and maximum hygiene.

Whichever option you choose, remember, frequent cleaning of all areas in public restrooms is critical to protect users from the spread of germs and ensure a safe and environment for all users.

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