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Importance of Hiring a Strata Cleaner

Strata Cleaning can refer to both commercial and residential properties. The concept of Strata Cleaning is initially introduced in Australian Cleaning industry, for the services offered for subdivided rooms and buildings. This building management style is widely used worldwide, benefit from its efficiency and effectiveness in timing and cost.

Hiring a strata cleaner

Why having a Strata Cleaner is important?

For health and safety reason, the property should always be kept clean and tidy, regardless of who is doing the job. Hygiene is the bottom line and the most effective way to stop the spreading of virus and disease. For strata complex, it will be difficult to allocate the common area to one tenant, therefore a cleaner will be appointed in common practice.

Strata Complex can be very different, and managing a strata complex can be a lot of headaches. Committee member or strata manager need to look after cleaning, repair and maintenance, parking issue, compliance, pet issue and so on. (please refer NSW Strata for more details) Therefore, it will be more effective to have professional trades or contractors to look after each field.

For small strata complex, it could be very expensive to hire a cleaner, due to the set-up cost, training cost, insurance cost and replacement cost etc. For large strata complex, it is more practical to have a professional company to overlook the operation, as it will bring better result and will be more cost effective.

To sustain the rental price and property equity, the basic requirement will be to maintain the clean and hygiene of the premises. Regular cleaning and maintenance will also extend the life span of the asset, and reduce the overall maintenance cost.

During any flu season or virus outbreak, to keep the public place clean and tidy, is the most effective way to control the spread of virus, and keep tenant and public safe.

Strata Cleaner duties and responsibilities

Strata Cleaner

Depend on the condition of your premises, the cleaning requirement could vary. Commercial cleaning company offers regular cleaning, periodic cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, hard floor strip & seal, window cleaning, lawn and gardening and more. Some offers regular cleaning only when some may offer integrated solution. White Spot Group is one of the leading strata cleaning companies who can meet all your cleaning requirement. Call 1300 797 632 today to discuss how we can help you.

White Spot Group offers wide range of cleaning services. We have well trained professional team, to apply right chemical and utilize industrial level equipment to help maintain the cleanliness of your premises.

Our strata cleaning services include but not limited to:

Regular service

  • Regular litter picking
  • Mopping and Vacuuming
  • Carpet cleaning
  • High touch point disinfection and sanitizing
  • Lift cleaning
  • Residential strata cleaning
  • Commercial strata cleaning
  • Retail strata cleaning
  • Leisure and gym cleaning
  • Carpet sweeping and litter picking
  • Waste management and hygiene services
  • Lawn and Gardening
  • Consumables

Periodic Cleaning Service recommended

  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Hard Floor Strip & Seal
  • Floor Scrubbing
  • Deep cleaning
  • Carpark high pressure cleaning
  • Window Cleaning

Based on your budget and the condition and requirement of your complex, White Spot Group can tailor the quotation for you. Call today at 1300 797 632 for an obligation free quotation with complimentary site visit from our professional sales team.

Slippery floor

Strata Garden Maintenance

Strata Garden Maintenance

For most of the strata complex, there will be some ‘green’ field as part of the common area. However, not all the cleaning company offer garden maintenance service, due to the knowledge required, the special equipment required, the insurance involved and capability of the business. Although most of the strata manager will treat garden maintenance as part of the cleaning requirement, but it is totally different complexity. White Spot Group can help coordinate garden maintenance together with your cleaning services. Some of the regular garden maintenance service we offer:

  • Weeding
  • Hedging
  • Edging
  • Whipper Snipping
  • Garden Bed Restoration
  • Lawn mowing
  • Blowing driveway and outdoor recreational areas
  • Brush Cut
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Weed Spraying

Not sure what service required, give our professional sales team a call at 1300 797 632 to discuss how we can help you. One of our friendly team members will provide free advice and obligation quote.

Strata cleaning service

Strata cleaning can be overwhelming for strata manager and committee members. To have a professional and reliable commercial cleaning company look after the complex can be a life saver. White Spot Group is a fully insured commercial cleaning company, serving Australian market for more than a decade. We will be a trustworthy partner for any strata manager, regardless it is commercial strata or residential strata.

  • Our team is well trained and are very experienced to deal with all sorts of strata cleaning requirements.
  • We are ISO triple credited company, for quality, safety, and environment. We deliver high quality service with right chemicals to the public and to the environment.
  • We value our people, and take health and safety very seriously.
  • All our chemicals have MSDS for health and safety purpose.
  • We have industrial equipment to handle all tough grease and dirt.
  • Our team are well experienced to understand all strata cleaning demands, and be able to tailor the service based on the urgency and budget.
  • We assign account manager and site manager for every site.
  • We place communication book and site folder on your premise, ensure effective communication and on-time rectification.
  • We listen to our customer, and proud of our first-class customer service.
  • We offer FREE impact clean*

* T&C apply.

Strata value

White Spot Group will be your reliable strata cleaning partner. Give us a call today at 1300 797 632 for an obligation free quote.

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